The song How to Save a Life is bluntly about someone who is suicidal, but there is more of a meaning behind it and I wont tell you the true meaning behind this song. . . but my meaning. You don’t have to wear a cape to be a hero. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and walk a mile in them all they may need is support, not to be judged every time they do something. To just tell someone to stop cutting, stop drinking, stop smoking, or stop doing drugs is so hard for someone to do at such a young age. To be addicted to something for so long to just stop has to be the hardest thing someone may have to do. This isn’t about being brave or being a hero its about realizing that not everyone who goes to bed can sleep so easily. To the girls and boys who cry themselves to sleep, drifting off into another world wishing they could be out of it. How to Save a Life teaches me that maybe not everyone shows their secrets but you can see the signs and be the one who helps someone overcome the certain things in life. I don’t mean to become involved with what they do but to be supportive and tell them that they’re not alone.