The sophomore album from this New Jersey born artist, what nothing less than what was expected of this Grammy nominated artist. Halsey’s first album, Badlands, was a relatable collection filled with emotional outcrys and teenage angst. Her ability to tell stories through her songs is what sets this 23 year old artist apart from other pop stars. Many of the songs on her newest album cover everything to lost relationships, grievances, and the consequences of fame. The singer shows her especially impressive pipes when she croons how she’s “Bad at love”, on her second single, “Bad at Love”.Despite the majority of her songs being written by her, she includes collabs with artists like Quavo, Lauren Jauregui, and popular norwegian DJ Cashmere Cat. The artists continues to break boundaries with her music, especially on songs like ‘Strangers”, which features Fifth Harmony member, Lauren Jauregui, and includes specifically female pronouns. The “Closer” singer manages to create the same angsty, upbeat feeling on her second album with songs like “Angel on Fire” and “Alone”. Her emotionally fueled voice, is evident on “Angel on fire” and “sorry”, where she sings of internal struggles and the insecurities of love, where she sings “I’m fading away, you know I used to be one fire”. This musically diverse singer shines on her latest album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. Her album does nothing but shine and set the stage for an already anticipated 3rd album, which has yet to be announced.