The side-product of a major motion picture, the soundtrack to “Holes” is just as much fun to listen to as the movie is to watch. Like most movie soundtracks, it is a compilation of several artists, each with a different sound. The diverse selections work well to convey the many moods of the movie scenes while doubling as an entertaining mix to enjoy while doing whatever.

Ranging from well-known musicians like Shaggy to the lesser known (like Eels) the soundtrack has something for everyone. One of the most well-known songs, “Dig It,” is actually performed by the D-Tent Boys themselves. Each “boy” has his own verse about his character, which gives an overview of the movie. With rhyming, rap-like lyrics and a quick, upbeat piano driven by a strong bass, this tune is one of the catchiest.

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“If Only” by Fiction Plane bases its lyrics around a major idea from the movie. The chorus is actually a very powerful and relevant line about some of the characters. The mood is different from “Dig It” as the emotional guitar and dramatic vocals work together to give the song a sad, desperate vibe.

“I Will Survive” by Stephanie Bentley is also very powerful. Both the guitar and vocals have a mellow Country-Western sound. The lyrics are strong and communicate a message of determination (as reflected in the title).

Then, there are several songs that are just for fun. In the movie, they were used in scenes full of horseplay and joking.

“Holes (Original Soundtrack)” contains great musical variety. While working well with the movie to add to certain scenes, it is also a great, unique compilation just to listen to. .