Arguably the band that start the whole “new wave of folk music” thing, Eluveitie is a band with substance, it is a band that shows no mercy, it is a band of the ages. Currently signed with Nuclear Blast Records, this amazing album tells the story of something in ancient Swiss history, the Gaulish war and the story of Helvetios. The entire album is about 55 minutes and includes a total of 17 tracks so the tracks must be pretty short. The album starts and ends with a narration by the bands vocalist, Chrigel Glanzmann, and basically reads like a story. Now remember that this was Swiss history so if it doesn’t make sense what’s going on, that may be why. Also, I’m I the only one in tears after the track Meet the Enemy? It maybe because of Anna Murohy’s massive scream and then a soft, melodic mandolin comes in at the end or maybe it’s just me. The single, A Rose For Epona is also a testament as to what the band can do with more clean and melodic vocals which are done by Anna Murphy in this song. Home is the longest track at over 5 minutes but don’t worry, it goes by quickly. The one problem I have with this album is that Anna is not fleshed out enough in vocals, I mean it seems as if some parts could use a more melodic vocal style to me.

As for the album’s credibility, many people were on this album once it came out due to the previous albums like Slania and The Arcaine Domination. Then, two years later, they then release the album Origin(which I do plan to review in the future).

The album is spectacular, 9/10, to put it bluntly. This is the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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