The world is abuzz with Lin Manual Miranda’s “Hamilton.”

The hip-hop musical about the founding father has swept the nation, and is now recognized as one of the best in musical theater.

The musical focuses on main character and founding father Alexander Hamilton throughout his life as an immigrant in a new and struggling country, his scandalous affair with Maria Reynolds, and his hunger to change the nation.

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The musical album opens with “Alexander Hamilton” an introduction to Hamilton and a summary of his life. It features the entire cast as each states their involvement with Hamilton and the war.
The album is full of different musical aspects.

“Burn” is a heartbreaking ballad sung by his wife, Eliza Hamilton, as she recounts her husband’s lack of faith.
“Nonstop” features reggae-like aspects, and is about Hamilton’s obsession with glory and Aaron Burr’s refusal to get involved.
There is heartbreak in songs like “It’s Quiet Uptown” and “Dear Theodosia” and fast, exciting raps as in “Guns and Ships” and “My Shot.”
Hamilton is not the only founding father involved, however. We see characters like George Washington in “Right Hand Man.” Of course we see Aaron Burr throughout the play, but he has his own introduction in “Aaron Burr, Sir.”

We’re introduced to Marquise De Laffeyete (one of the most significant characters in the Revolutionary War, providing aid from France) in “Guns and Ships.”

But what makes this play such a success?

Is it the fact that Lin Manual Miranda is such an excellent writer, is it the charming cast, the riveting story, the amazing songs?

I suppose it’s a combination.

But the best thing about “Hamilton” is how it brings light to a historical character unjustly ignored in a new and interesting way.