Every day, almost every piece of “music” I hear on the radio is nothing but nasty lyrics accompanied by senseless rock- and- roll noise. So I became very appreciative when I found this song on YouTube titled “Gibberish,” composed and sung by Ryan Leslie. I can honestly say that this song, unlike most other contemporary songs, is actually worth listening to.

“Gibberish” is a hip hop/ R&B song written and sung by Ryan Leslie. The song has a catchy melody that will cause music haters to suddenly love music. The lovely bass guitar accompaniment, the little finger snaps for metronome, and the adorable tune played by the piano will make anyone get up, bounce on the balls of their feet, and bob their head up and down while snapping their fingers with the music. The rhythm will just flow into you and make you want to dance. That’s why this song is perfect for choreography, especially for various slow hip hop styles. As a matter of fact, “Gibberish” has been used for choreography by some of the most famous hip hop dance crews in the US, such as the Jabbawockeez.

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Despite the song’s high quality of music and rhythm, I cannot say that “Gibberish” has no imperfections. The completely unintelligible pronunciation of lyrics just bothers some people too much. But hey, the song is titled “Gibberish” for a reason. And it is definitely better than the perverted lyrics in some other songs, promoting promiscuous sex, drugs, and some other filthy garbage.

I definitely recommend listening to Ryan Leslie’s “Gibberish.” If you feel like dancing to slow music, or if you’re just plain bored or depressed, then this song is perfect for you to listen to. Never mind the gibberish lyrics; just let the music flow through you, and don’t hesitate to get up and dance with it.