Jet’s new CD, “Get Born,” is excellent. This Australian band grew up listening to classic groups like The Who and The Beatles, and it is easy to hear the rock ‘n’ roll influence. With their many instruments and styles, they bring back an old rock feel that many bands have abandoned. This CD has the older AC/DC, Bachman-Turner Overdrive mixed with some newer sounds.

“Last Chance” begins like any other song but progresses with a rhythm that suddenly grabs the listener’s attention. I was instantly reminded of AC/DC. It has the style of an old rock song and is sure to become an instant favorite.

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The third song, “Rollover D.J.,” is brilliant. Jet takes the chord changes of Bachman- Turner Overdrive’s “Takin’ Care of Business” and adds their own distinct style. The most outstanding part is the keyboard blaring with the great sound of an old rock organ. This CD features instruments most bands ignore, including the slide guitar and tambourine, which help Jet bring back that old rock feel.

All the songs put me in mind of the ?s with simple rock sounds and an interesting mix of instruments. Call me nostalgic, but this band reminds me of a time when rock meant something.