Garth Brooks, the legendary country singer, has released yet another excellent album entitled “Fresh Horses.” This record contains multiple top-ten hits: “That Ol’ Wind” and “The Beaches of Cheyenne,” written by this lyrical genius, Brooks, with the help of others. Brooks has a special talent that appeals to almost any listener. Within this ten-track recording, Brooks has more than proven himself as a superior lyricist and songwriter by combining real-life situations and emotions with music. This album is full of great, catchy songs with true meaning and rhythm.

My personal favorite, “The Old Stuff,” thanks everyone who helped the band get where they are today, and tells of the fun and experiences they’ve had along the way in an upbeat rocking style. Unlike many other records, this album contains songs which are all really good and catchy, and allows you to enjoy the album entirely without skipping around and avoiding songs.

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“Fresh Horses,” in my opinion, is one of the best recordings on sale today that is almost certain to appeal to most music lovers. I feel this is truly a masterpiece in songwriting. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys true meaning and rhythm in music