When Butch Vig assembled the band Garbage, he planned it as nothing more than a side project. Once the band released their first album, though, he saw that it would be a great deal more. Garbage immediately went platinum and was nominated for numerous Grammies including, “Best New Artist.” Not bad for a side project.

Garbage is an alternative masterpiece.They use a blend of alternative and industrial sounds to make an album unlike any other. They mix in Shirley Manson’s angelic voice recalling her life emotions. Through these emotions, an understanding of each song is found. Never are you left reading between the lines. “Garbage,” as the album is titled, is one of the most thorough albums you will ever hear. It’s a roller coaster ride that never lets up. Songs of love and religion engulf your ears with a style all its own. You will find yourself begging for more once the album concludes.

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Garbage is a band that puts a total effort into all their music and once heard it will be how you measure all other albums