An admirable yet inquirable musician of choice in my opinion rookie of the year J. Cole; is a very intriguing artist. And I chose to pick him as an artist to review because he differs from other artist in ways like not jus having a “gangsta” appeal. But showing his higher educated side

Music, Music to me is an emotional movement that whether positive or negative has and continues to change the way people (adolescents like me specifically) feel and think, Allowing daily involuntary meditation.

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Therefore in my opinion to be a notable rapper you have to be able to utilize various styles of relaying a message. In order to appeal to a majority of the people who will be surrounded with your influence. And in turn being praised as “real” not just spittin or being a lyricist you have to out do the preset boundaries. And connect from a different angle. That you have obtained the knowledge to do by living out the lyrics of your life