“I will break into your thoughts, with what’s written on my heart.” Lacey Mosely begins with high-pitched, smooth vocals, drawing you into the soft sound of her voice. However, this lead singer of the alternative-metal band, Flyleaf, shows just what her band is about with the roaring, angry growl that follows. Through the strength of Mosely’s voice, accompanied by guitar, bass, and drums, you live the stories portrayed and drown in the emotions. The lyrics are truthful and penetrating, grabbing your soul and forcing it to comprehend.

Noted as a breakout band of 2008 by Rolling Stone, Flyleaf and its self-titled debut album are going to have you at the ­repeat button, replaying the haunting songs until this music is the only thing in your mind’s playlist. Of the 11 compelling, mesmerizing tunes, the most well-known is “All Around Me.” It’s an exhilarating song with a catchy chorus. After hearing it on the radio, I was convinced to get the album, and I’m extremely satisfied with my decision.

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The other singles are “I’m So Sick” and “Fully Alive.” Both songs incorporate lots of drumming, with quick beats and captivating melodies. Though the songs make you energized, the lyrics are deep and powerful, giving the songs both excitement and depth. The words are intense, penetrating stories of tragedy, allowing you to clearly visualize the meaning of the songs.

“Cassie,” an emotional song with a bold tune, is possibly the most touching. Telling of a girl who died for her faith in God, the lyrics move you in a way only possible with strong words and a strong voice. Mosely’s soul bleeds out onto the track, the force of her pain-filled screams echoing throughout, making the song even more powerful.

Though Flyleaf has obviously mastered hard-hitting, thrilling tunes, their platinum debut album includes ballad-type songs that are also worth a listen. “So I Thought” is an entrancing song with a soft melody and a calming feel to the melody and lyrics. “I tried to kill you, you tried to save me” are lines from “Perfect,” a song that grabs your attention with the lyrics and enhances the already brilliant CD.

Some tunes do sound similar in the sense that Mosely’s voice doesn’t vary from song to song, but as a whole, the album will become etched in your mind. With an exceptional vocalist and talented musicians, Flyleaf is a remarkable band that will be sure to crawl their way up to your list of favorites.

Unlike bands that incorporate good beats but have cliche lyrics that make you nauseous, or have somewhat meaningful words, yet a dreadful sound, Flyleaf is a rare find. With aggressive music and inspiring lyrics, every listen is an experience that will leave you counting the seconds until you can again fill your ears with their electrifying music.