“Maybe the reason why all the doors are closed is so you can open one that leads you to the perfect road. Like a lightning bolt, your heart will glow. When it’s time you’ll know.” Katy Perry is the most substantial pop icon of our generation. First and foremost, Katy’s song lyrics are extremely inspirational and have meaning. In addition, Perry’s contralto vocal range is a blessing from the angels, and has had time to develop. Last but not least, Katy Perry’s musical style makes anyone want to randomly break out into spontaneous song and dance. This pop goddess’s musical aura trumps all others like a stampede of thrashing elephants.

“Baby, you’re a firework; c’mon show them what you’re worth.” For starters, Katy Perry’s song compositions aren’t just catchy, but her sheet music’s text is humanizing and elevating. Last Friday Night, Firework, Hot & Cold; these three anthems are Perry’s most popular songs (according to ITunes, these three songs have all hit #1 download), and three of her most uplifting songs as well. Each one of them holds a different style of rhythm, a different style of lyrics, and a different style of understanding. Last Friday Night focuses on how life is short, so give it your all with no regrets. Firework demonstrates that every weed is still a flower, and that everyone has the potential to be a legend. Hot & Cold, on the other hand, lectures the importance of commitment, and how the strongest bond you can give someone is your word. All of the pop-rock melodies written and composed by Katy Elizabeth Hudson have fifteen times more moral significance than anything you’ll find in Lady Gaga or Eminem’s new albums. At the end of the day, Katy Perry’s song lyrics are like the backbone of the pop culture industry; without them, the industry would crumble.

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As the clock struck 6:00, Gabriel and Uriel were almost complete with their project.

“We must bring our creation to Him for final preparations.” Uriel explained. As the two angels glided through the clouds towards Him with a little baby girl in their arms, they reach a large white stone building perched in the center of heaven. The trio makes their way through the cobble doors and down a narrow elegant hallway towards the Supreme Being.

“She is ready to be sent to Earth,” Gabriel told God as He picked up the infant.

“Almost,” He replied, “fetch Seraphim to sing into the little one’s ears.”

Katy Perry’s voice is a true gift from the highest beings. The artist’s vocal range infused with her priceless talent forms an incomparable harmony. Like fine Stilton cheese, Katy’s voice has had time to grow and develop into what we all hear today. She started singing in her parent’s church at the age of 9, and was later signed onto an unsuccessful gospel record label at the age of 17. After recording an unproductive album in 2005, Katy was dropped from Island Def Jam Music Group and picked up by Columbia Records in 2006. However, since history has a way of repeating itself, Perry was also dropped from Columbia in 2007. Determined to make it to the top, Perry performed for Capitol Music Group with only her vocals and was signed on the spot. The result is the Katy we all know and love today. Based on research from TIME magazine, the chances of making it in the music business after being dropped by two separate record labels is 1 to 314,771. All I can say is that when Perry is on stage, her voice owns the night like the fourth of July.

“TGIF, TGIF, TGIF, TGIF…” If you don’t recognize this chant, then you live under a rock. Last but not least, Katy Perry’s song beats turn any room into a full blown Miami Beach dance party. According to a recent survey in Rolling Stones, 7/10 DJs have at minimum one KP song in their lineups. Also, according to a New Jersey statewide poll, 67% of all middle school kids who own some type of musical device (i.e. Walkman, IPod, Zoom) have at least one Perry download.

“It makes me happy,” says Olivia Bergman, 8th grade student at VMS, “I listen to it every day.” Katy Perry’s pop rock rhythm lights up the world with every beat.

Music is the universal language of mankind. – Jacob Anderson
Katy Elizabeth Hudson is the basis of modern pop music. For starters, she doesn’t just write music; she writes poetry. Moreover, Katy’s singing experience has helped her voice evolve into a substantial singing weapon. Finally, Perry’s upbeat style of music leaves every table turned, and every creature ecstatic. Imagine what pop music would be like without this inspiration: no more TGIFs, no more fireworks, not even any more waking up in Vegas. The music industry would fall, and life would no longer have that spark of magic that is born whenever you turn on an IPod, turn on a radio, or turn on the light.