Most, if not all, has someone or something that impacted their life. For me, it’s Fergie and her music. You see when I was little, I used to be an all out country girl. I never even imagined listening to that “crazy” music. It all changed though because of my friend, Jessica. I was in fourth grade, maybe about nine years old, we rode the same bus and everyday, she brought her blue CD player. She never really talked, just listened to her music and one day I asked her what she was listening to. She let me listen and I started dancing a bit to it. We listened to the whole CD and I was just amazed of how much I liked it. When I finally got home, I looked for it on the radio but could not find it anywhere. I was singing a few parts of the choruses that I remembered over and over and over. Fortunately, the Holidays were coming up and the first item on my list was a Fergie and The Dutches CD.

I got the CD and it was pretty much my life for almost a year. I knew, and still know all the words to it. I think I enjoyed it so much cause the lyrics rhymed, it was upbeat, and her voice was just amazing. The song that I would choose to be my favorite, would most likely be Fergalicious. She got the song to be so popular because of the sassy attitude and Fergie definitely had just that. She had the perfect body, words, and moves to charm all the boys and while listening to that song you felt like you where all that.

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I remember thinking that I was the coolest kid in school listening to this hip-hop, dance music. Not that country wasn’t easy to dance to, it just wasn’t the “cool” stuff people did on television. In Fergie’s music videos, she was so defiant, bad and tough, but in the next scene, she would be lovable and charming. This turn in attitude, showed how real people define themselves. For example, in the song Glamorous, it shows Fergie being kick-butt, then when she sees a hot guy, she turns her attitude around, like all other girls act.

Today’s Fergie, still has that bad attitude, but she sings different music. Now a days, her music is techno and she sings with the Black Eyed Peas. One of her most recent songs would be Don’t Stop the Party. In this video, she shows that they have fun and they never want it to stop, with that bad girl attitude taking charge. Don’t get me wrong, today’s songs by her are outstanding, they just are not as good.

Even when Fergie is a weirdo know a days, she will always be the person who impacted my style, and for that, I love her. To this day, Fergie and the Dutches have not talked about making a second album, but if they do, I’ll be sure to be the first to get it.