Millions of people across the country have fallen in love with America’s country-pop sweetheart, Taylor Swift. Coming from a small town, at only sixteen years old, Taylor Swift has always dreamed big and has truly achieved the impossible. She is a talented singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and actress, whose debut album, Fearless has sold over 10 million copies. Taylor’s passion for music and dedication to her fans has leaded her to become the highest grossing music artist of 2008 and 2009.

What makes Taylor Swift such an incredible artist is the way that she has connected to her listeners. People will hear her lyrics and feel as if they are reading Taylor’s diary, full of her own experiences and heartbreaks. She includes intimate confessions throughout her music. On Taylor’s second album Fearless, she wrote six of the songs on her own and co-wrote the remaining seven. Taylor Swift however; seems to be stuck in her high school years with lyrics like, “She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts, she’s cheer captain and i’m on the bleachers.” in her upbeat song “You Belong With Me.” Most of Taylor’s songs focus on young love and loss, a subject which many teenage girls can easily relate to. For example, “Fifteen” is about falling in love at fifteen years old and thinking you have it all. It is about coming to terms with the fact that there are much greater things in life then what may seem important to young girls nowadays.

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Some may argue that Taylor’s songs are too unrealistic; because a variety of the songs featured in the album Fearless, are about fairy tales and living happily ever after. However; Taylor Swift is very intrigued by the differences between reality and fairy tales. “Love Story” tells a younger and updated version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, where in the end; Juliet is left with a ring on her finger and love in her heart.

Throughout the album, Taylor Swift seems to be kind of undecided about the direction of her songs. Some songs focus on the past, and the girl she used to be. Others describe the women she is becoming as she grows and matures. The album closes with the swing-swathed song titled “Change,” which suggests a “Revolution” in the future, with many “Hallelujahs” included in the chorus. The song is packed with loud guitars and an exciting, upbeat chorus.

Taylor Swift chose “Fearless” as the title of her album because that is the ultimate definition of her success. Once a small town, average teenage girl, Taylor Swift broke all boundaries and took a flying leap towards stardom. Every song in her album is a chance to make a connection with her audience and to ultimately share a special moment with them through her emotional lyrics and completely sensitive stories.