Fall Out Boy rocked the music scene with “From Under The Cork Tree” in May of 2005. It has the punk rock feel of their previous album, “Take This to Your Grave,” but also has a bit of a pop twist. This creates a very melodic sound that makes this album a stand out. You can see their increased maturity here, boasting clever lyrics about love, life, and fame. Every song has a catchy hook that will have you humming the tunes for hours.

I believe this is Fall Out Boy’s best record. They had more time to record this, so it was better in every aspect, really solidifying the band’s mainstream status. All the lyrics are written by bassist Pete Wentz, while the musical composing and writing is the creation of lead vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stump.

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The band slightly modified their sound but never got rid of the punk rock. You can hear remnants of their previous album in “Dance, Dance.” It has all the makings of a pop hit, but also the fast-paced rush of a punk rock track, and the two seem to mix very well. “I’ve Got a Bad Idea and a Dark Alley That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)” is a stripped down track. Stump’s gentle singing about an aching heart slows the pace and soothes your ears without allowing any loss of interest.

Anyone who enjoys punk rock, pop, or alternative rock will love this album. There is something for everyone in these 13 masterpieces. This is a trans-genre album, crossing over the heavier punk rock to a more melodic pop sound. If you liked Fall Out Boy’s previous album, you’ll love this one. Whether you’re into pop, punk, alternative, or whatever, I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a pleasurable musical experience.