The British alternative band, The Cure, recently released a live album called “Entreat” recorded at Wembley arena (London) in July, 1989. We lucky Americans get to give it a listen to since it has recently been imported. It definitely is worth the wait. The Cure perform eight songs off their “Disintegration” LP. These songs already had a mood and melody that are both inspiring and intriguing, but hearing them performed live adds a nice atmospheric charm.

Robert Smith and company offer us little added twists to their already appealing songs: a more powerful version of “Disintegration” and a more intense version of “Fascination Street.” Robert Smith himself said that the “Disintegration” album contained his best singles. So what could be better than hearing him sing them live? His beautifully written lyrics blend dreamily with the melodic and simply elegant guitar riff.

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The Cure is now in a slight stage of ruins, but with them you can’t ever be sure. Touring is a rather touchy subject with the band. Therefore “Entreat” is the closest thing you are going to get to The Cure live. (They really don’t like to tour America.) “Entreat” offers Cure fans in America an alternative to flying to England to hear them. Besides, it’s almost as good as being there.

Even if you are one of the lucky fans who happened to catch The Cure on their American leg of the “Prayers” tour, it’s still worth it to give “Entreat” a listen. And if you’re not a Cure fan or not a huge Cure fan, “Entreat” is a good album to introduce you to them or to let you get to know them better. n