The new wave of thrash metal has been kit or miss among the metal community. As for me, I would say that it is definitely work in favor because of the new generations that want to get into heavy metal like myself. Evile is a true example of this, because they can combine the speed of thrash, the heaviness of groove and make good music out of it.
This 10 track album includes a thrash anthem(Thrasher), a single(First Blood) and a seven minute long “epic” dare I say. Not exactly anything new or unique, but it does leave something that can still make you feel like you just want destroy stuff. This album is only 50 minutes long and can’t exactly give you everything they’re capable of but hey, if you want to see that, go check out Skull.
It may not be your cup of yea, but I personally like it. The only flaws I see are the production and the potential scale not being reached. It can also get a little bland in places which just means that they pulled a Metallica and made a version of St. Anger, almost.
I will like to give this album higher points than what I did, but for now, they deserve a 7.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.