Mariah Carey is back with a brand-new album titled “Emotions.” The release comes only one short year after her mega-hit debut album “Mariah Carey,” which sold seven million copies and included four consecutive number one hits: “Love Takes Time,” “Vision of Love,” “Someday,” and “I Don’t Wanna Cry.” “Emotions,” which has been playing over the airwaves since early September, is also destined for the top spot.

Mariah has a radical mix of songs on this album, which is storming its way up the charts. For example, Mariah co-wrote a song titled “If It’s Over” with the great Carole King. Also contained in the album are two heart-breaking tracks, “Can’t Let Go,” which includes the lyrics: “Do you even realize the sorrow I have inside/When all you have just dies/ I see you in my dream,” and “The Wind” which has a breezy wind sound effect in the background as Mariah sings, “So young to die/I really loved you.” “The Wind” is a remake of the original Russell Freeman hit, for which Mariah simply rewrote the lyrics. After each beautiful slow song Mariah returns with a funky, dance-pop song, like “Make It Happen,” expressing even more of her spectacular talent.

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Mariah has another hit on her hands and now the only question is when she will tour. Mariah stated in a recent interview that she plans on touring sometime next year.

All in all, this is an excellent album from a hot new artist who has a very bright future ahead of her. So if you enjoyed her first album, I recommend picking this one up. n