Maybe you have already heard of Duncan Sheik’s new successful self-titled album, “Duncan Sheik.” His first album definitely has a lot to offer, 11 tracks including his new hit single “Barely Breathing,” which you have probably seen the video on VHI or MTV recently. Being a picky and trained music student, I am excited to have found a CD where every song is genuinely worth its standing as a future hit single.

Duncan plays the keyboards and acoustic guitar on all tracks, and of course, sings the lead vocals. His voice is an amazing mellow tenor with a wide range which allows him to develop some of the most intricate and warm harmonies I have heard from a male singer in a long time. The strong quality of his voice structures the solid melodies on the tracks. I think the three best songs are “Barely Breathing,” “Little Hands,” and “Reasons For Living” because although each song has a different message, these three tracks offer a very clear, strong, philosophical view of life. The lyrics of the song “Barely Breathing” are incredibly haunting especially when he says, “Cause I am barely breathing, and I can’t find the air, I don’t know who I’m kidding, imagining you care. ” So, if you have already heard “Barely Breathing” and would like to hear more of this musical genius’ first album, pick it up. It’s worth its $12.99, I promise! .

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