One Direction released their new single, Drag Me Down on July 31st. “Drag Me Down” topped the charts in the UK, Ireland, France, Austria, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines right after its release. It was also the first single since Zayn’s departure. It definetly had all the Directioners talking.

I feel the song had a nice, yet newer sound to it. I was suprised all their vocals still blended together after Zayn left. You could tell how much Harry put in to the song. His highnotes left me speechless. He and the other members definetly worked hard.

The music video was later released August 20th. It has already gotten over 26 million views. The music video shows the members of One Direction at the NASA Johnson Space Center.

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I feel like they lost a bit of creativity while filming the music video. The song is about a love that can conquer those who want to destroy it. What does playing around in a space station have to do with this topic? I feel like the idea could’ve been used for a more fun upbeat song. We all know they’ll come up with at least one.