One of America’s most underrated bands, Soundgarden, produces yet another great album. “Down on the Upside,” their latest effort, exemplifies their musical talent as a band. Their other well known albums – “badmotorfinger” and “superknown”- helped them break into the mainstream of hard rock bands, but this record should put them over the top. It shows all the styles of music they play, punk songs such as “dusty” and “Ty Cobb,” Zeppelin ballads like “Never the Machine Forever” and “tighter and tighter.” This album has produced three videos on MTV.

Soundgarden has now gotten rid of the “just another Seattle band” label by putting themselves on a new level of music. Chris Cornell’s unbelievable voice is evident from the first song. Kim Thayill’s imagination and creativity with his guitar shines throughout this album. Ben Sheperd and Matt Cameron keep the band together with their steady beat. Unfortunately for the listeners, Soundgarden broke up after 13 years of playing. If you like hard rock, or like one of their previous albums, buy this one, it’s worth it

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