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Although Emily’s Army isn’t a household name yet, their 2011 release Don’t Be a Dick proves that the teen rockers are well on their way to superstardom. With this album, the band, comprised of guitarists Cole Becker and Travis Neumann, bassist Max Becker, and drummer Joey Armstrong, presents tuneful songs with lyrics that echo the frustrations of 21st century teens.

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Don’t Be a Dick features radically catchy melodies. From start to finish, the album is packed with danceable rhythms and upbeat guitar riffs, appealing to fans of pop punk groups such as Social Distortion and the Offspring.

The album also showcases the lyrical talent of brothers Max and Cole Becker, who share singing and songwriting duties. “Broadcast This,” the first track, boldly states what many rock fans yearn to express: “I don’t want to listen/To what’s on the radio/Boring music/Depressing talk shows.” In an age when Justin Bieber clones rule the airwaves, it’s refreshing to discover fellow teens producing thoughtful music.

Listeners who want to hear something besides one-dimensional pop should pick up a copy of Don’t Be a Dick. Through catchy melodies and relatable lyrics, Emily’s Army offers a dose of undiluted rock ’n’ roll.