A light blue background with what seems to be dark blue streaks brushed all over the canvas and a big division symbol. Just as we all should know that is the one and only Ed Sheeran’s newest album Divide. Rising to the top, the twenty-six year old Ed Sheeran can’t be contained. From his hit singles; “Shape of You, Supermarket Flowers , and Perfect”. Can this pop star be stopped?

What started off as just a normal day in the studio, Sheeran was making the final arrangement of songs to put into his latest released album Divide. The star artist just made the song, “Shape of You.” A journalist who does interviews for songfacts, had interviewed Ed Sheeran and she states,“ I didn’t make the song for mine to sing. . . .” Obviously he made a good decision by releasing his version which had stayed on Billboard’s Hot 100 since the release date of January 6th, 2017, when only 22 days later the song went to the top.

Only a few weeks later his next song “Supermarket Flowers”,also got on the Billboard. Sadly unlike his other hit songs, this song only made it to number 75 on the Hot 100 according to Billboard. Even though this song of his didn’t make it as far as he wanted, he was still in love with the song. The heartfelt, meaningful and inspirational song was dedicated to his mom, or so most would assume. Ed stated, “She was one of the nicest women you’d ever meet and she was my mom’s mom. It was written from my mom’s point of view; I was choosing loads of specific things and then just finishing it as a song. . . .” Seems like Ed really has a love for the women in in his family, like his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn who he had wrote and sang the hit song Perfect about.

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Perfect has been on the top of the charts for seventeen weeks and counting. He recently let out a remix including a very well known female R&B pop star, Beyonce Knowles. This remix by the two artists has been number one on the Top 100 for weeks. Ed was genuinely quite shocked when she decided to remix with him. From what I know Ed was pretty shocked by receiving the news after he realized that she was a fan of his work. “My head was so big. . . .” Well I guess everyone’s head might end up the same way if they were told Beyonce was a fan of their work.

With all of his hits from “Shape of You” to “Perfect” and so much more, this pop star is unstoppable and climbing the top. Only being in the industry for only roughly four years, he shows how hard work and talent pays off. His album Divide was a huge success for him and a great tune to the ears of others. Guess we’ll just have to wait to find out if Ed can pull his weight and make the next album as successful as this one.