Sonic youth’s fifth studio Album “Daydream Nation” is possibly one of the more unique albums I have ever heard.

When I first listened to the album a couple years back, I thought I was going to be listening to the soundtrack of a movie called ” Day Dream Nation” ( I later discovered the movie and album shared the name.) So I kinda listened to it by accident, but it was a great accident because once I listened to the album all the way through I loved what I heard. I mean it’s one of my favorite albums. So I began listening to more of their albums. and within a few weeks time I was a fan and I have been ever since.

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Sonic youth Really delivers with this album.
with Thurston Moore’s strange but satisfying Guitar playing. And Kim Gordon’s Spoken word singing style that draws you in almost immediately. It makes you want to not only hear the song but listen to it as well.
This Album is Timeless. It’s one of those Iconic albums that will stick around for a long while.

Other than bizarre guitar playing and singing styles, This album has the kind of songs, with the kind of lyrics that stay with you. An example of this would be the albums single ” Teen Age Riot”
I mean, This song is Seven minutes of lyric gold.
It makes you think. It makes you want to listen to more of their songs.It makes you want to know the story behind the song. To me that’s just brilliant.

All and all, this is just an amazing, creative and smart album from a band that has inspired so many other great bands like “Nirvana” and “Yeah Yeah Yeahs” and countless other bands and artist.

Sonic Youth just really outdid themselves when they produced ” Daydream Nation.” fourteen years after its release In 1988, Pitchfork Media ranked it number 1 on their list of ” The one-hundred greatest albums of the 1980s.” It has been able to remain relevant after all these years. And I believe it will continue too inspire artist for many years to come.