Yes more atmospheric black metal coming up. This is honestly done of the most interesting music I’ve heard due to the fact that it sounds like your in space. They also seem to make references to other space and sci fi movies like Space Odyssey and Terminator just to add to the ever loving space themes here in this album.
The album as a whole includes three tracks all of which are more than 20 minutes giver take, but makes sure you must blast off as harshly as a true astronaut. Also, just lay down and state at your ceiling, close your eyes and imagine that you are in space. Its a nice feeling trust me, but the saying in space no one can here you scream is also prevalent here because you can’t hear the vocals or drums, at all. It may seem like a scary experience, but actually going to space is scarier we all know that but not important. As of the long epics in this masterpiece of metal, they truly give a sense of adventure and fear as well due to it being, well, space. Maybe next time they release a new album, they might make a three hour long epic of universal proportions(pun intended)and if they do, I will be listening to that giant beast of my space adventure.
As always, thanks for listening and blast off into space for my rating of a 9.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper , signing off