Dan Swano and the gang are a Swedish progressive death metal group similar to that of Opeth and even featured Mikeal Akerfeldt in this album. Crimson is one giant track lasting 40 minutes in length and tells the story of a a child who was born to become a god. He then has to get rid of a witch that haunts the world and he can then become the god of the world. The one track present in this album is intimadating due to its length but if you manage to get through it, congrates, you made it through the entire story present in this album. Granted, this isn’t the longest song I know(that title goes to Dopesmoker by Sleep which is an hour long), but like I said, the length is intimadating so if you have the courage to go through and listen to this mammoth, you’re welcome to jump in. This album is now officially in my top 10 because of Swano’s cleverness, talent, and absolute genius behind this album.

Of course the one problem I have with this is the small bits of repitition in this album, it’s everywhere. To some, the length can also be a turn off because, well, we must all have ADD or something. All in all, it is a wonderful release in my eyes, keep it up guys. Your doing great. That’s all I have to say for this album so I will give it a rating of a 9/10. As always, this is the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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