On Jan. 22, 2010, Dallas natives Forever The Sickest Kids (FTSK) arrived at The Door in Fort Worth with Dallas quartet Artist Vs. Poet and Disco Curtis.

“This show is definitely one of the best, the guys have really grown as musicians and performers,” said regular concert-goer Marcus Lopez
AVP (Artist vs. Poet) started the show with their set-list that included some of their most popular songs such as, ” Runaway,” “Gateway,” “Rescue,” “Lisa Marie,” and “Infallible.” The guys complement each other very well onstage and the way they danced around made them very fun to watch. After their half hour set the band met with adoring fans at the merchandise tables.
About 10 minutes after AVP left the stage, Disco Curtis took their place with a powerful set full of songs such as “Surprise Me,” “Ashley,” “Hard Times and Pick Up Lines,” and “Breaking Hearts.” The trio played an awesome show and the fans responded by singing their hearts out to the catchy, upbeat tunes that filled the room.

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20 minutes later FTSK’s front man Jonathan Cook stepped onstage wearing a huge smile on his face. The rest of the band followed suit, eager to perform for their hometown fans, friends, and family. The set list contained almost every song the band has written from “Hey Brittany,” to newer hits like “What Do You Want From Me?”
The show was filled with disco beats, hand claps, sky-high hooks (pitch), and passionate fans singing along and jumping up and down to the beat. This show is the best I’ve been to in 2010, it will be difficult for any other indie band to beat.