I particularly enjoy listening to Collective Soul. They are a nice Clean band that talk about random things. I get sick of all the Romace songs, so it is nice that most of their songs, are not love related. Of course love is a wonderful thing, but It can get annoying to only listen to songs about love, and people breaking up.

This Particular song: “Better Now” is one of my favorite Collective Soul songs. This song (and the “cursed mix”) have a great toon. It makes you fell good. You want to go out and be active. It is not a heavy song, so it doesn’t boost your adrenaline, but it makes you fell happy. It is like an alternate adrenaline. In this song it has some creative word choices. One part of the song says, ” Oh I’m happy as Christmas, All rapped to be seen.” Although that is creative and clever, I think it sounds kinda lame, but maybe thats just me. I am not saying that I dislike this song whatsoever, because I think that It is a great song, and you should listen to it.

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