For Christmas, I received Color Me Badd’s tape “CMB.” It was one of my favorite presents. Only a few months later, I’m already on the verge of wearing it out.

The tape has all their released singles, such as “I Wanna Sex You Up,” “I Adore Mi Amor,” “All 4 Love” and “Slow Motion.” It also has some terrific new songs that I love to just listen to over and over.

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Color Me Badd consists of four guys in their early 20s. singing a version of music they call “hip-hop, du-op.” They are a fairly recent group who made a hit of their first released single “I Wanna Sex You Up.”

There are ten songs on the tape plus short remix versions of “I Wanna Sex You Up and “I Adore Mi Amor.” In the short time I’ve owned “CMB,” it has found its way into the best of my tape collection. n