One of my favorite progressive metal bands of all time as well as Finnish metal bands. Amorphis is basically the Finnish Opeth except the fact that they have never had a song longer than ten minutes. Whatever, at least you people can easily handle it. The album includes a total of nine tracks ranging from four minutes to six minutes. All have a nice epic feel and some even have death metal vocals.
While the songs aren’t long at all, I can say they are all good and make the album very short for a prog album so it makes for a good starting place. I find everything is transitioned well and nothing seems absolutely the same. Yeah, it’s very keyboard and guitar oriented but that doesn’t detract from the album`s replay value. They also manage to add in folk elements as evident in tracks like Narrow Path and Mission. The vocals, while deep, work well with the almost controlled chaos going on throughout this album. I can’t find anything remotely bad with this album, ok, well there’s no epic and its progressive metal. That doesn’t make sense but granted that’s the ONLY problem to be honest.
The album gets a fair 9/10.