Elegance and a luxurious hymn exhaled through the lungs of Florence Welch for the second time. Only days old, the new debut album “Ceremonials” hit the store shelves the beginning of November’s month. Following up the album of two years, “Lungs”, Florence + the Machine added yet another kaleidoscopic collection of songs. The lyrics, benign and malevolent, delivered with such serenity and spite give the same notion of harmonized and rebellious feelings.

Falling nowhere short of “Dog Days Are Over”, new single “Shake It Out” has taken over iPods in the United States, Ireland, and the UK Florence claims “Shake it Out” was written it to be the ultimate cure for hangovers to help her shake it out of herself. And then, as she advanced into writing the song, it became more about shaking out whatever was lurking in the back of ones mind, and shaking away the mistakes.

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“Ceremonials” reached the #1 album spot in the UK, the band’s second consecutive number-one album, and #6 spot in the United States within the first week it was released. Just as Florence had said she wanted it to be, it is just a second, better version of “Lungs” with a darker and heavier sound. The recording of this album of sixteen songs was initially intended to take place in Los Angeles; however, Florence decided it better to record in the UK in Abbey Road Studios. Ranging her writing and singing into one appeal, Florence carries with her an art that brings listeners demanding for more of her eloquent style, and melodious music.