Tarja Turunen was at her peak in either Wishmaster or this album, at least for me anyways, and has some crazy tracks anything from The Phantom of The Opera to Beauty and the Beast(the epic), all have a great way of representation. This album then later lead to the EP-ish, Ever Dream(which is in the album). Songs like Bless the Child, Ever Dream, Phantom of the Opera, The End of All Hope, and Slaying the Dreamer are all phenominal tracks in the album and that’s actually more than half of it. If you Nightwish fans think that Tarja’s operatic voice doesn’t work for Nightwish, listen to this album and think again.

This is certainly a masterpiece that will last for a long time and though Tarja isn’t in the band anymore, us dedicated fans will forever love Nightwish. Are there flaws? Not for me but of course there’s the obvious fact that Tarja’s vocals may turn some people off so this album isn’t for everyone at all. There is also the fact that the epic, Beauty and The Beast, may freak some people out due to its length. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with this release however so if you don’t like it, I can understand. The album is also a good testament to the old age of Nightwish which from the sound of it, is awesome. Otherwise, I would like to announce that Nightwish has a new album known as Endless Forms Most Beautiful, so expect me to review that when I get the chance.

As for the rating, I underestimated the sound of Nightwish in the olden days, but this suprised me. I give this a 10/10. This has been the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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