Canon in D by Jean Francois Pillard and Orchestre de Chambre is a song that truly fits its album title, The Most Relaxing Music in the Universe. Once this song came on my furious sea of thoughts was calmed as if it had been touched by the hand of an angelic being. But while my mind was soothed by its harmonious tale my heart began to surge with bursts of happiness unprecedented to any other happiness I have ever known. It tells a story of happiness and love and all of the divine things that can be found in life through orchestral strains. This classical melody has no need for words, its melodic song of instruments expresses itself to my heart in a way so powerful that words can’t even come close to describing. The gentle and creamy sounds of the violin serenaded my ears and whispered tender secrets to me that evoked my utmost felicity. The thoughts that were once grim and fatalistic were replaced by ones of joy and complete exuberance. I was released from my dungeon of thought and freed from the atrocious stress that was enveloping my frail body and taken to a world of bliss and euphoria. From beginning to end, from high point to low point each note of the song enchants me and carries me off into a musical paradise. I delighted in every second of the five minute and twenty-two second song because once it ended my world was shattered and I was torn back into my dark and dreary prison of misery. This song touches my heart and soul every time I hear it, and I know it will do the same for anyone who is blessed with the opportunity to hear its blissful lullaby