Last spring, I attended a Bush concert at the FleetCenter in Boston. It was a great show. Veruca Salt was the opener. They played a great set, including hits “Volcano Girls” and “Seether.” They got the crowd roaring, preparing us for the real excitement: seeing Gavin Rossdale live. Although you have to give credit to the rest of the band, the real thrill was seeing and hearing Gavin sing and play his guitar.

It was a modern-day Beatles concert. Girls were screaming and going gaga over Gavin. A sign which said “We love you, Gavin!” was hung from the balcony. People were standing on their seats with binoculars glued to their eyes, trying to get a better look. When the lights shone on the crowd everyone jumped and screamed hoping to be noticed. Songs like “Swallowed,” “Greedy Fly,” “Machinehead,” and “Glycerine” had the crowd singing along, with the lyrics roaring through the FleetCenter.

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Personally it was one of the best concerts I have ever attended. The crowd was praised. The songs flowed well, with almost every note performed perfectly. It wasn’t one of those boring concerts where the band stands on stage and does nothing but sing. Bush ran around jumping up and down, forcing the crowd to look back and forth, as Gavin went from one podium to the other.

After the 90-minute set, the crowd was anxious for more, but the show had to end eventually. As I forged my way through the crowd, I heard only positive remarks. It was one of those concerts you play over and over in your mind for months.