Shinedown is an amazing rock band. Unlike the trashy pop music we say is “good” now a days, that revolves around sex, drugs,and alcohol, their songs have a true meaning and message. The song ‘Bully’ is very important to me personally. We have all had people pick on us and get us down. I let that get to me for years! This song teaches that bullies aren’t worth it; we can stop them. As it says ” We Dont have to take this back against the wall” we dont have to take it at all. We need to stand up for things, starting with ourselfs. EVERY CHILD SHOULD WATCH THIS MANDATORY! I do agree its not appropriet for young kids but middle school up we get this, the song is a connection. Sometimes music is the only way to break through, I know its the only thing that made me believe im not alone, no one should ever have to feel alone but you will. Stand up for something even if it means standing alone your sure to get help along the way. Never let someone else tell you what your life is going to be like. In sixth grade i learned how to deal with bullies; I even made amends with some people who didnt acknowledge my existance. This year my friend who is shy and passive was being harassed in lunch. Big scary kids who got away with everything because teachers are afraid of them were picking on her. She did everything she knew to stop them (everything the school districts say to) filed complaints in the office moved her seat. That made it worse we had assigned seats and she was forced to move back they called her a snitch and wouldnt leave her be. I told them they needed to lay off. My voice was horse by the end of that week. I ended up being fliped off, had food thrown at me and was nearly in a fight with a guy all girls are afraid of. I did all this any ways because shes my friend and she didn’t deserve to be treated like that. This song is a message saying we need to stand up not only for our self but those around us. “Courage is not the absence of fear its being scared to death and doing whats right anyways.” quoted from an unknown source. Next time you see some one being put down help them up and don’t let them fall again.