Bring Me the Horizon

A death-core band from the United Kingdom, who have been playing since 2004, the band got famous very fast. The band members are Oliver Sykes – lead vocals (2004–present) Lee Malia ? lead guitar (2004–present) Matt Kean ? bass guitar (2004–present) Matt Nicholls ? drums, percussion (2004–present) Jona Weinhofen – rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals (2009–present). A death-core band is basicly like metal involing screaming and more style than other bands they really put themselves in the music. In March 2009, guitarist Curtis Ward left the band. A number of reasons have been cited for his departure: in an interview, bassist Matt Kean commented that “it became apparent he wasn’t enjoying it” and that it was “just about commitment”. The bands inshals are bmth its just better for when people are saying bring me the horizon so they just say bmth.In AP magazine they compete against Bullet for My Valentine, A Day to Remember, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and other bands in the same genre. The band has been on tour for about a year now and is soon going to be returning home and playing their last shows there. Their music is not like anyone else, they are unique and they play for more than just fame, and fortune, they live for the music. Bring Me the Horizon began in 2004 with members of many defunct bands from around their local area. How they acquired their name based on a line taken from the film Pirates Of the Caribbean, in which Captain Jack Sparrow shouts “Now… Bring me that horizon.” After slightly altering the original line, by simply changing ‘that’ to ‘the’, Bring Me the Horizon then became the official name of the band. Bring Me the Horizon is currently signed to Visible Noise Records, but were originally signed to Thirty Days of Night Records and were the first band to be signed to that label. The band are also signed to Epitaph Records in the USA and to Shock Records in Australia. They released their debut album Count Your Blessings in October 2006 in the UK and in August 2007 in the US. Bmth have toured in the past with bands such as Lostprophets, The Blackout, Killswitch Engage and The Haunted. They performed a headlining tour of the UK during March and April 2007 with the now defunct metalcore band I Killed the Prom Queen. They played Download Festival 2007 in June also with Iron Maiden, Slayer, and others. They also played the North American leg of the tour, including a guest appearance Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes on August 6 in Calgary. He joined Oli in chanting the start of their song “Diamonds Aren’t Forever”.In November 2007 they toured on the Australian leg of Gigantour, playing three dates. Bmth returned to Australia in May-June 2008, appearing on I Killed The Prom Queen’s final ever tour. Bring Me the Horizon had been writing and recording a second studio album over the beginning of 2008. They had been in Sweden recording the album throughout April and May with Fredrik Nordstrom, who has worked with bands such as At The Gates, Arch Enemy, I Killed The Prom Queen and Dimmu Borgir. Their album was released on September 29, 2008. Suicide Season is completely different to previous album “Count Your Blessings”, having a more metalcore vibe to it, similar to the debut EP release, “This is What Your Egde Of Your Seat Is For”..In an interview with Kerrang Magazine, it has be revealed that Bring Me the Horizon will begin writing the follow-up to Suicide Season during the summer of 2009, with the plan to go into Studio Fredman with producer Fredrik Nordstrom(who produced Suicide Season) in March 2010, hopefully resulting in an album release in summer 2010. According to Oliver Sykes in an interview on the subject, Weinhofen has injected the band with a new-found enthusiasm, causing the bands performances to be ‘so much better and refreshing’, and he feels they have ‘stepped up another level’. Their music includes of dub-step to hip-hop, electro to drum and bass but mostly metalcore Kerrang Award for Best British Newcomer 2006. (Won) Kerrang Award for Best British Band 2008. (Nominated Voted Best British band. (Rock Sound reader’s poll). This band is one of many favorite bands and I hope you give them a try.

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