If you’re ever feeling heartbroken, lonely, or just really bored from anticipating the next Brand New or Taking Back Sunday album to come out, then Holden Pan could just be the band you’ll like. With good lyrics on falling in and out of love (So I tried to break the ice today/ but I brought a second ice age/ thought that we could speak it out/ the status will speak for itself) ,Blink 182-esque guitar intros, and a catchy beat to go with singer Desmond Zantuo’s pop-punky voice, this band that hails from Floral Park is likely to sweep you off their feet with their recent EP, Breaking the Ice.

The third track “Are You Sayin ‘Pam’ or ‘Pan'” is perfect for anybody that is just sick of never finding someone to love (And I’m gonna ignore the cliches of all the fish out in the sea/ ’cause all the catches have been caught/ and the ocean is empty). The first song “A” is what anybody who’s having troubles with a girlfriend or a friend can listen to (How could best friends just descend/ to friends without benefits). To learn more about this catchy band, go to Holdenpan.com, or check out their myspace, facebook, or purevolume page for more songs to hear.

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