Very few music artists are skilled enough to put out an album that has equally impressive melodies, lyrics, and lead vocals. In 2009, Paramore released their third studio album, which is their most popular and critically acclaimed album to date. Since its release, it has been certified gold in the United States and platinum in the UK. Its blend of catchy tunes, brutally honest lyrics, and the dynamic vocals of lead singer Hayley Williams has raised it to the tops of the charts of rock music over the past couple years. This is definitely an album worth your time and money.

One of the reasons this album and band is looked up to by many musicians, is the emotional and deep lyrics that Williams has written since the band’s inception in 2004. The fourth song, Brick By Boring Brick, tells the story of a girl, who seems to be too caught up in her own fantasy world. The lyrics, “Well you built up a world of magic, because your real life is tragic ” hints that the real evil might not be the monsters in fairytales; it might be hidden in reality itself. Other examples of the album’s complex lyrics are, “Next time you point a finger, I might have to bend it back or break it, break it off,” which refers to the drama between members prior to Brand New Eyes’ release. All of the lyrics could have multiple meanings, both straight-forward and conceptual, which have grabbed a hold of listeners since the beginning.

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Another definitive aspect that boosted Paramore’s popularity from every other alternative rock band, is Williams’ powerhouse vocals. In 2003, at the age of 14, she was hunted down by Atlantic Records, who wanted to make her into a solo pop artist. Williams declined, and said later in an interview “…my heart was to be in a band…” Without her unique voice, Paramore would have been like any other female fronted band throughout history.

One of the key factors to many artists’ success beyond writing good music, is the live performance. Paramore has been recognized world-wide for this and has even had to change venues due to the huge amount of concert-goers. The complement of Williams’ powerful vocals and her ever-changing hair color, usually in shades of red or orange, along with guitarist Taylor York and bassist Jeremy Davis’ acrobatic-like acts onstage, makes a Paramore concert a spirited experience for both critics and music aficionado alike. In Fall of 2009, during their ‘Brand New Eyes Tour’, the performance echoed the aesthetics of the album, from the empty picture frames referring to the track “Playing God,” to the swinging light bulbs from “Ignorance.”

I strongly support this album, and any other from Paramore. I believe that it is a timeless piece that could possibly become a classic alternative album in the future.