Bo Burnham

“I’m the greatest rapper ever,” as said by he himself, Bo Burnham in his hit song “I’m Bo Yo” from the self-titled album, “Bo Burnham.” If I were to say so, I’d have to agree with this statement. Bo Burnham, a musician, comedian, actor and singer/songwriter, is most known for the thing he created out of most or all of these traits, a great freestyle rapper. The greatest parts about this whole thing is when I got the album, how I found out he was discovered, and how well he can do his thing.

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I bought the album “Bo Burnham” off of iTunes one day because I had just found my favorite song-to-be, “I’m Bo Yo.” I went through the whole album and could have just laughed my head off. His songs are nicely put together for a freestyle rap album. Every song I listened to was turning into my new favorite song by him. I was kind of expecting this to happen however, as I like freestyle rap because it’s made up as you go. Pretty much every song he writes, or thinks of, is coming from the top of his head, and that’s what I like about it; it’s original!

Bo started his career while writing songs and performing them to his fellow classmates. He then decided to tape himself singing them and post the videos on YouTube. He intended to do this so his brother Pete could watch them as he was at college at the time, but never did he expect what was about to happen next. In the fall of 2007, a talent agency called The Gersh Agency, called up Bo and told him that he needed to be represented by them. It was a dream come true.

Bo Burnham can rap as well as anyone, people like Eminem and such. Bo may be criticized about the music he creates and plays, but what really matters to him, is that he gets to do what he wants. So if you ever decide, “hey I wanna do freestyle rap someday”, please give Bo Burnham a good listen. He’s got plenty of good ideas and songs about what to think about. Just give him a listen because you may be surprised about what you hear. If you like comedians, he’s your guy. If you like rap, he might as well be your guy! Just a warning to people, his songs may include profanity, but it’s still worth the listen!