An up-and-coming hip hop artist from Pittsburgh, Mac Miller has finally graduated from high school mix tapes and released his highly anticipated freshman album, “Blue Slide Park.” The album features hit singles “Smile Back” and “Frick Park Market.” The tracks are unlike anything Miller has produced, at the same time staying true to his authentic style. Miller, who is famous for his remixes, has put together a set of original beats and ill rhymes to create a truly dope album.

As a die-hard fan, I recently attended one of Miller’s first concerts for the “Blue Slide Park” tour, which provided me with a pleasant taste of the album.

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“Blue Slide Park” itself is a leitmotif within the album, as it reoccurs in many of the tracks. It’s an actual park in Pittsburgh, where Miller grew up. Miller begins by reflecting on his newfound fame with his ever-present cocky attitude in “Blue Slide Park,” “PA Nights,” and “My Team.” Partying it up with “Party on Fifth Ave.” and “Up All Night,” Miller applies catchy, upbeat tunes to his slick rhymes. He then drops the beat and switches to deeper, meaningful songs like “Diamonds & Gold” and “Missed Calls.”

On “Park Bench Chillin’,” Miller claims that you are “Never too old to be chillin’ at the playground.” Likewise, this album can be enjoyed by any free-loving soul.

This album has already reached the number-one spot on iTunes. Mac Miller is becoming a household name, and fans will not be disappointed, as they can expect instant captivation from his premiere album. Thumbs up!