Frosttide is a Melodic Death Metal/Folk Power Metal band out of Finland. Though they have been around for a little while, as far as I’m concerned, this is pretty early in their discography. Many people can make some sort of resemblence to other Finnish metal bands like Ensifurem, Wintersun and even Moonsorrow in some cases. I would be surprised to see that they are really underground in the realms of the metal community and maybe I can expose this band to more people here so you can share it to the world.

Right of the bat we begin with an amazingly epic intro complete with choirs and violins everywhere, a great way to start off any album if you ask me. Then we get into some of the most complex sounding Melodic Death Metal this side of Edge of Sanity with any kind of sound from Viking Metal to Power Metal and back. Standing at around 40 minutes with 8 tracks(not including the two covers that have it add up to another 10 or minutes) this could be a sort of sleeper hit of the year to be honest. Does the instrumentation make logical sense all the time? Probably not, but it has one part power metal so any sort of random progression is perfectly fine with me. Are there certain things that bring the album down from perfect? Probably, I just can’t find any on the first couple of listens, well there is that third track, Gates of of Asylum, that lasts for over 8 minutes and may catch some people off guard for sure but that might be about it for now. There is much going on here in this realm of fantastic music here. I swear I can here some sort of Blind Guardian theme in herre, especially when in reminecence to their newest album Beyond The Red Mirror which I’ve also reviewed. There is probably a story in here too, I could only imagine there is one mainly due to the way it sounds and the fact that we got at least one epic towards the beginning. I can see this making it into some people’s best of 2015 list, including mine, though not many because not many people really know about them yet. Listen to this album whenever you can, trust me, it’s worth a listen. The music is exellent, some parts are incredibly beautiful, it’s epic in structure and sadly will be passed up by many this year. I almost passed it up, well, glad I actually didn’t or else I would’ve missed an opus this year.

I give this a 9.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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