Justin Bieber’s Believe (acoustic) Album

Justin Bieber’s album, Believe (acoustic) is a unique and catchy pop album that anyone will enjoy. This album is amazing because all the songs that are played acoustically sound better acoustically than they do regularly. It offers a mix of inspirational and upbeat music that all tie back into the theme of the album: believing.

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Bieber has been in the music business for a fairly long time. He was founded on YouTube by a man named Scooter. Scooter found Justin and made him famous. With the help of his family, Scooter, and famous singer, Usher, Justin Bieber became a huge star. Bieber has come out with many albums. Such as My World and Believe. Justin Bieber’s first really big hit was his song “Baby” from the My World album. One of his more recent hits was the song “Beauty and a Beat.” This album is different from others because almost all the songs on the album are played acoustically and without any tuning or adjustment to his voice.

This album has all different kinds of music on it, but all of the songs tie back into the main theme of Believing. Bieber did a great job of making the album catchy, fun and inspirational to his listeners. A big factor in making this album a hit was Bieber’s lyrics. They flow nicely with the song and really make the listener believe.

Although all the songs on the album are great, the songs “Beauty and a Beat” and “Fall” really stands out. These three songs are wonderful because the guitar in the songs really stands out and sounds cool. Every album has that one song that just isn’t very good. For Bieber’s Believe (acoustic) album it is a song called “Yellow Raincoat.” Yellow Raincoat doesn’t have a good beat and doesn’t fit in with the other songs. This album is much better than others in it pop genre because of the uniqueness of most of the songs being played acoustically.

The Believe (acoustic) album is an amazing album that has a great theme and inspiring songs. It uniqueness really brings the album to another level. Justin Bieber’s Believe (acoustic) album is not one to miss.