Justin Bieber is a teen pop singer. His music is usually upbeat and makes you happy and want to dance. My favorite album by him is “Believe Acoustic”.

Justin Bieber has been around for a little while. He started becoming popular when he was about 15 in 2009 and now he’s 19. He started as a you tube sensation and everybody loved him. Today, there is even a movie about his life. He was born in Canada. His first big hit was “Baby” and some of his other albums are “Believe”, “My World” and “Never Say Never”. “Believe Acoustic” is his first acoustic album.

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“Believe Acoustics” overall theme is the acoustic version of “Believe”. It also has some extra songs that aren’t from “Believe”. The lyrics of the songs on this album are very well thought out. They rhyme and make sense. A good example would be “if I could make a better way so you could see a better day”. Justin Bieber writes some of his own songs.

On Justin Biebers “Believe Acoustic” my favorite song is “I would”. It is my favorite song on the album because it stands out and is very catchy and upbeat. The song that sags on the album is “Fall”. It is a little boring and the real version of the song was already slow but now it’s even slower since it’s acoustic. “Believe Acoustic” is slower than Justin’s previous albums but it is still very good.

I give “Believe Acoustic” by Justin Bieber a 10 out of 10 because its my favorite album bye him. He did a really good job on converting the “Believe” songs into acoustic version.