Insane Clown Posse-Bang! Pow! Boom!

“Bang! Pow! Boom!” is one of ICP’s latest albums. But before I get too far into this, let me tell you that ICP is no little band. In this album all the songs are similar but have there own special touch add to them.

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“You wait for death to happen, you looked a bloody wreck, even when there heart still works you yank it out there chest” is a line from the song “Vultures” that I think gets the point of this song across. That is that all people are greedy like vultures and can’t wait for anything, or earn it themselves. Each and every song has a message similar to this song but none of the songs just come out and say what the message is only a real observant listener can find them and enjoy knowing of them.

The first 15 songs (including the intro) all lead up to the final song on this album and that is “Bang! Pow! Boom!” And all that song is about is getting all the worlds criminals together to imprison them so that the rest of the world doesn’t have to deal with them, but then half way through the song it goes blank, but don’t switch songs just yet, for its not over just yet. It will bring a smile to your face when you hear the music of the song within a song. So just sit and be patient because it is worth the wait. This album is very fast pace until the song “miracles”.

“Miracles” is a mid pace song, and the final song before “Bang! Pow! Boom!” It’s about how all of man kind and how we take nature for granted and how everyone knows what nature can do but never take the time to just stop and watch. The line that I thing sums up this song is “ you plant a little seed nature grows” because it gets the whole point of this song across in a short phrase.

But after that mid paced song something’s needed to get the tempo going again and its Bang! Pow! Boom! To do just that and finish the album off.

So all together I thing that ICP did a great job on this album and with over and hour and a half it’s worth the money so go ahead and buy it.