Arlo is a band not many people have heard of and they like it that way. This underground band thrives on its antimainstream feel. Their second CD, “Stab the Unstoppable Hero,” is no different.

The self-proclaimed “non-threatening indie rockers” include indie pop melodies fused with fun and symbolic lyrics that result in toe-tapping tunes that stay with you for days.

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It’s hard to pick the best song because they’re all so catchy, but definitely one of the best is “Runaround,” a great song you’ll find yourself singing in the shower. “Culture” and the title track are two of the most meaningful, with deep and political lyrics, but they still have the same fun sound.

The only negative aspect of this CD is that the songs tend to sound alike, which causes confusion when trying to figure out what song is stuck in your head at the moment.

All in all, “Stab the Unstoppable Hero” is a fun, well made, sing-along CD that’s perfect for driving in the car or playing at a party. We can definitely expect more good things from these “non-threatening indie rockers.”