For fans of artists such as Mac Demarco, Kevin Abstract, and King Krule, Rex Orange County’s 2017 album Apricot Princess is another satisfying album full of a mix between rapping and singing, calming, ambient electronic sounds, and creative, meaningful lyrics. As a fan of his last album, bcos u will never b free, I had pretty high expectations for this album which were met.

I see a similarity between his release prior to the album, “Best Friend,” and the opening song of the album, “Apricot Princess”. They both include a significant change in the dynamics from slow to fast about halfway through the song. They also both have a similar message about a girl, someone he is thinking about a lot and appreciating. The next song on the album, “Television/So Far So Good,” has the opposite tempo change, with an upbeat sound at the beginning (“Television”) and then slows down for “So Far So Good.” The contrast between these two is interesting, but I find that I’m usually only in the mood to listen to one of the sounds since they are so different. I understand the choice he likes making of putting them together, but it usually leads me to either just listen to the first half of the song and then move on, or skip through until the second part. Most of the songs on Apricot Princess following these first two have a similar feeling to each other, which is why I think it is a good album to put on shuffle. For me, his music is a good choice to play when I’m alone painting and drinking hot coffee. The album speeds up one more time with the second to last song “Never Enough,” and concludes with the song “Happiness,” a sound that I think satisfies what most Rex Orange County fans are looking for.

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