Although I have come across opera a number of times during my vocal training, I have never been a big fan. But there was something about this CD that jumped out at me when I saw a wall of them at the record store. Maybe it was the sale sticker, or the interesting cover. What really compelled me to buy it was the fact that they described themselves as “the world’s first opera band.”

What exactly is an opera band? I remember wondering. I had always associated opera with old men and fat ladies, but the people on this CD were neither. They did not look like a band either – no guitars or guys with long hair. I could not help but succumb to my curiosity.

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Even though this experiment was not quite as good as I expected, I do recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their musical horizons.

Amici Forever has a sound that is definitely their own. Comprised of two sopranos, two tenors and a bass, their songs are a mix of classical and contemporary music, but both have a modern feel. They sing in English and Italian and, on one track, Czechoslovakian.

One of their most interesting songs is “Senza Catene” (which is “Unchained Melody” in Italian). My favorite, “Whisper of Angels,” is based on an older classic, and features amazing harmonies.

Amici Forever has become very popular in England (home of three band members, the other two are from South Africa) as a crossover band. They have proved themselves a talented and accomplished group, even before releasing this CD in the U.S. I recommend “The Opera Band” to anyone who has a love for or even just a slight interest in opera.