If you’ve listened to the radio at all this year, you’ve heard “Rolling in the Deep.” It’s one of the most successful songs currently, and pretty much sets the mood for “21.” Every track relates to breaking up, moving on, or regret. And, although “Rolling in the Deep” is good, it’s by no means all the album has to offer.

Each song on “21” has a distinguished individuality. “Rumour Has It” boasts a pounding bass line, whereas “Don’t You Remember” has a beautiful subtlety that will leave you tingling. Although every track is unique, the songs intermingle, piecing together a story of Adele’s life. “I’ll Be Waiting” is an uplifting medley of orchestra and pop, with interesting metaphors used with pleasing results: “Yes, I swam dirty waters. But you pushed me in.”

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Although there isn’t a bad song on “21,” a few fail to match Adele’s standard. “Take It All” has the potential to be amazing but stops and starts so frequently that no flow is created. Similarly, her cover of The Cure’s “Lovesong” is a bit of a letdown, with monotonous lyrics and no development. However, these don’t detract from the album’s appeal, and every other song is enjoyable – even after hours of listening.

The last track, “Someone Like You,” is unquestionably the best. It’s emotionally touching, relatable, and enormously catchy. If the lyrics “I’d hoped you’d see my face and that you’d be reminded that, for me, it isn’t over” don’t make you shed nostalgic tears of pain, nothing will. It’s a perfect way to end a phenomenal album.
If you don’t already own “21,” buy it … now.