In the beginning of the 1960s, America entered mass hysteria. This one was not caused by Orson Welles. It was caused by four young, talented boys from Liverpool, England. The Beatles consisted of Paul McCartney, who played bass, John Lennon, who played guitar, George Harrison, who also played guitar, and Ringo Starr, who played drums. 73 million people watched the Ed Sullivan Show as the Beatles played such classics as All My Loving and Till There Was You.

Later on, in 1969, the album Abbey Road was released. The iconic cover shows the Beatles walking across a zebra crosswalk in front of Abbey Road, their recording studio. Even now, people walk across this to get their picture taken. There is actually an app that is a webcam of the Abbey Road crosswalk.
This album was sadly the last album that the Beatles recorded together. The album featured awesome songs like Come Together, Something, Oh! Darling, and Here Comes the Sun. Ringo wrote and sang lead vocals in the Yellow Submarine’s sequel, Octopus’s Garden. Ironically, Ringo had his first drum solo in a Beatles song in The End. After The End, a 23 second tune by Paul called Her Majesty plays, making it the shortest Beatles song.

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I love the Beatles. They are my and millions of other people’s favorite band. Abbey Road was released about a year before the Beatles broke up, and during their peak of fame and fans. My favorite songs on this album are Here Comes the Sun, Oh! Darling, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, and The End. I like Here Comes the Sun because it is light, happy, and warm. Oh! Darling and Maxwell’s Silver Hammer have excellent vocals, both by Paul, and The End has an amazing use of instruments and great vocals.

In conclusion, Abbey Road is a masterpiece. It is cool, powerful, and extraordinary, just like every one of their albums. You have not truly lived until you have listened to the Beatles. No band will ever be better than they were and still are.