Music Review “The Prayer” – Kid Cudi

I remember the day as if it was only yesterday. I was sitting on my couch, watching TV. Along comes along my sister’s boyfriend listening to music on his computer. The song that was playing immediately caught my attention, so I asked him who the artist, and what the song was. He then replied to me the words that would soon change my persona about music. “The Prayer by Kid Cudi” he said. As soon as we said those 2 golden words I burst out of my seat and rushed to the computer. I sat there and listened to Kid Cudi and all his numerous songs for a while. The Prayer was one of my favorites that I listened to and became fond of Kid Cudi’s style in his work.
In “The Prayer” Cudi is trying to express many feelings about his rapping career and how he wants to respected and remembered as a gifted artist if he were to die. He wants to let all his fans know that he is grateful and appreciates their support. Kid Cudi is also trying to express in the song that he thinks God put him on the Earth for the reason, and that he has achieved his goal of making millions of people happy by listening to his music. The beat of “The Prayer” was originally heard in the song “The Funeral” by Band of Horses, except now it has been changed from a more rock type song into a rap. One part of Cudi’s song that I found remotely funny was a line where he says “To all the girls I’ve dated I’m not mad at you. Basically he was saying that even though he broke up with those girls he isn’t mad at them about it. Overall Kid Cudi outdid himself in this song, and more people should appreciate what the artists go through to make us listeners happy.
Over the years Cudi has introduced three albums to his listeners. The first of which was called “A Kid Named Cudi” which was also the album “The Prayer” was released on. He also released two more albums which were instantly popular amongst his fans. The second album released was the “Day N’ Nite” album and became a huge hit in the first week of release. It was listed on the charts as #4, and also listed Kid Cudi’s best track “Day N’ Nite.” The third album that was released by Kid Cudi was named “Man on the Moon” from one of Cudi’s top songs which was also named “Man on the Moon.” Kid Cudi has been a very successful young rap artist and continues pleasing his fans with his albums.
Kid Cudi grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. In numerous songs of his he mentions growing up in Ohio and the life he had as a kid. His real name is Scott Ramon Seguro Muscudi but prefers being known as Kid Cudi. When he was only 11 years old his father passed away from cancer. This sad and dramatic event in Cudi’s life altered his personality, and gave him the motivation to start his music career. He then later on dropped out of college and moved to New York City and released his first album “A Kid Named Cudi.” This set the tone for his career and he continues what he loves to do, rap.
The Prayer, which I believe is one of Kid Cudi’s best work so far, his various albums and Cudi himself are what I think make this young artist so special. Thanks to my sister’s boyfriend I have heard an outstanding rapper, and I can easily say Cudi is my favorite artist out there. His work has changed my persona on rap music greatly. Everyone out there who thinks rap is stupid, just listen to some of Kid Cudi’s music and hopefully you will change your mind.

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